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21st century skills

Knowledge is a power. But only receiving information is not enough in today`s world. Information that we gained should be applied in its own sphere and it should serve in further perspectives. Day by day unknown fields of science are appearing and human being is conquering new heights. Each branch of science is making huge changes whether it is in medicine or chemistry. In order to survive in this kind of competitive society we need to accept this news on time. If we want to be a step forward than others then a big effort should be given to nurture of children.

It is a century where rules person who knows more than others. Skills which were `fashionable` in last decades do not have weight as before. Here rules communicative person who is critical thinker, problem solver and decision maker. Starting from early ages behaving children to develop these kinds of skills will guarantee us youth who will stand on their feet with confidence.

And now it is better to identify what skills should be developed in today`s children and what do they mean for us:Learning skillswhere 2 C takes placeandLife skillswhich is basic in real life situations.

Learning skillsinclude critical thinking and creativity. Being ready for any problem and finding out solutions for any issues can be achieved by developing critical thinking skill which is essential for nowadays` changes. The way that have been done for many years but that has to change now is called creativity. By developing this skill will born bright and innovative ideas.

Life skillscontain collaboration, communication, flexibility and leadership. Collaboration means to be able to work with others. Here no way to be introvert, instead be ready to communicate with others and to work in groups of people. In this way communicative skill will be improved as well where person feels free to speak out in front of others and express his opinions. Kazakhs say that admitting own mistake is also courage. Thus, people admit their mistakes, work on it and do self-correction. To be independent learner we need to develop flexibility which is key tool in adoption to anywhere. Person who has these key skills can be leader in any environment.

As we see developing new skills demands strengthened endeavor and readiness of soul. It is a time concern as a designer who chases fashion in order to satisfy to the new trend. Our country is working hard on new trends as well and making huge changes in educational system. We have determined main skills to behave competitive generation and now only applying them into practice is left. By the way, everything starts from ourselves, so, we need to develop those skills in our own personality first then can bring up others. As the practice makes perfect we will fall down thousand times and who can stand more than that will be the winner in this century.

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